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Return policy


1. In which situation we accept the return

You can return the product when it suffers the following, but you must let us know what the product's problem is and what you want us do before returning:
1), The product is damaged in the course of transportation, or the product can't be used after you receive it.
2), If your situation is special, you can tell our after-service guy about it, after we confirm it's special situation, we will charge you 10% handling fee.
3), You ordered a wrong product and want to change to another one, you can contact our sales and return it back, but you should pay shipping cost for returning.
4), We shipped you the wrong item, you can send it back and we change it for you, and you do not need to pay shipping cost for returning, but you must make sure to sent it back through ordinary airmail.

2. In which situation we do not accept the return(Please check the details before you purchase on www.obdok.com,  If you have any questions, please check with our customer service).
1), when the item is damaged by yourself. But you can return it for repairing. You must pay shipping for returning to us and we ship it to you again.
2), If you tear offthe QC label, open the item and repair it by yourself, we can not provide return policy to you.


1. Returning shipping options: after confirming your item is under our returning policy, please use simple airmail to ship the item back to us. NO DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex or any other express. Otherwise we will not supply returning servcie to you.

2. What we will do after receiving your returned item: You need to keep touch with us until we get your item. After checking your item, we will arrange a replacement for you and email you when everything is done.

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