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Vag com 11.3

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 VAG COM 11.3


VAG11.3 latest version, can use the sofware of vag com11.3.0 / 11.2.0 / 10.6.4 / 10.6.3 /10.6.2 / 10.6.0

It works with all VAG vehicles including VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda from 1994 to 2011; this includes new VW / Audi and Seat

VAG COM10.6 diagnostic cable works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

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Beta versions contain new features and functions that have not yet been as fully tested as have Release versions. If you use a Beta, you may find bugs or problems and you are expected to report them to Ross-Tech so that we can fix them before making a new Release. Please be sure that you have also installed the latest version on your computer as well so that you can revert back to using that if you encounter problems with the Beta.
Beta11.3 includes the following new features and improvements:
Basic Settings for latest Control Modules using UDS/ ODX/ ASAM protocols.
As is the case for other functions under UDS, there are no longer any channel or group numbers. Instead, the Basic Setting to be performed must be selected from a drop-down list
On UDS control modules which offer " Instructions" , VCDS will automatically display them.
In addition, UDS Measuring Values can be displayed simultaneously.
Added ability to view Measuring Values during UDS Output Tests. This can be handy to verify that certain outputs are functioning as intended
Improved Readiness screen, now shows name of script in title bar and under [ Set Readiness] button, or gives a reason why [ Set Readiness] is disabled when that is the case
Support for new and revised models such as the face-lifted 2010 T5 van.
New, revised and expanded ODX/ ASAM data set, supporting Basic Settings function and additional new control modules under UDS.
Release Notes:
Works only with Intelligent Interfaces ( HEX, KEY and Micro-CAN) .
Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Windows 95, 98 and ME are no longer supported.
Default installation location is C: Ross-Tech VCDS-Beta . If allowed to install to its default location, it will not overwrite or interfere with the use of Release 908.
Package including:
VAG 11.3 cable
CD software driver

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