VAS 5054A With Bluetooth
VAS 5054A With Bluetooth
US$109.99  US$89.99
autocom cables for truck
autocom cables for truck
US$45.98  US$33.00
Renault true code
Renault true code
US$279.99  US$199.99
SBB CK100 Latest V42.08 Key Programmer
SBB CK100 Latest V42.08 Key...
US$609.99  US$280.00

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bonjour je voudrais savoir ci les code de EDC16 (diesel) - 1.9TDI, 2.0TDI, 2.5TDI, 2.7TDI, 3.0TDI, 4.0TDI, 4.2TDI, 5.0TDI
(edc16u31, EDC16U34, EDC16C4, EDC16CP34, EDC16U1 )
est Essences Bosch ME7 immo off et immo sur:
Cylindrée: 1.4-1.8-2.0-2.4-2.6-2.8-3.0-3.5-4.2
est (2) (1.3.5) ( les meme pour toute


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